Hallway History Lesson

A group of wing mates and  I gathered in the hallway and began discussing different ancestral stories. We talked about where are ancestors came from, Drew’s ancestors were a Germanic mercenary tribe who controlled a castle till the were prosecuted for religious reasons. Also, others shared how there family is first generation from England, others shared how they have been here since the fur trading days. Then we discussed reasons for wars which lead to the debate on why the Civil War was fought and the meaning of the confederate battle flag. Over all was a fun time getting to look back into history from personal perspectives.

Be-aware of Unsafe Sex

When I learned sex ed down south this is how they taught me. The teachers assigned an STD to students and explained all the unhealthy effects that came with the STD. The teachers continued to say if you have sex this is what happens and it ruins the rest of your life. Well good news is if you do have sex and you ask your partner if the have any STDs and use safe sex practices (condoms are a good choice), you can have sex without the STD.