Be-aware of Unsafe Sex

When I learned sex ed down south this is how they taught me. The teachers assigned an STD to students and explained all the unhealthy effects that came with the STD. The teachers continued to say if you have sex this is what happens and it ruins the rest of your life. Well good news is if you do have sex and you ask your partner if the have any STDs and use safe sex practices (condoms are a good choice), you can have sex without the STD.

Wing Health

For those who could not make it to the wing meeting on Wednesday, here is a recap. We discussed how there are a number of issues on the wing in regards to health. The most prominent issues were the lack of personal in the bathroom, not taking care of dishes and not washing hands after using the bathroom. Here is a link to show how bad not washing your hands is for everyone’s health,, because everyone uses the one door handle to get int and out of the restroom. Additionally, there is the constant stench that has been outrageous on our wing for the past two weeks and it has been effecting the wings health as a whole, not to mention the number of complaints received from the building as a whole. To fix a bad smelling room here are a few tips, do laundry once a week, take trash out once a week, wash sheets three times a semester, and air out rooms on a nice day. Hope the overall health of the wing will improve now.

Bowling at the Pioneer Lanes

Thanks for all of those who stuck with on 4W and 2E after a bust on the movie showing but a total success at the bowling ally. Had fun being the worst bowler there and watching Dan almost hit 5 strikes in a row, but not quite was stuck at 4 and 9 pins. Nick had the smooth moves with the slow roll with the heavy ball getting them strikes. Drew had a wicked curve and Steddick attempted to match. Glad you all came was a blast have a good week guys.


Tonight waas super duper fun with the intramural volleyball game. In warm ups Sarah learned getting hit in the face is not how to play volleyball, but Shane did not learn that lesson when the ball smacked him in the face during the game. A trippy moment when the whole court stopped to see Badger’s spike into the net where the ball had enough back spin to bounce straight up and literally bounced on the cord another time. Being the first time the team rallied we came out as a winner with great team work and moral winning the first game and having 21-25 second game, and with the come back on the last game to 14 all but lost. Overall everyone had a blast glad to see a small fan section from 3w and 2w.