E-Day Recap!

Hey everyone!

Thank you to everybody who came down and supported E-day today! We had a great turnout and it was a lot of fun learning about different things with engineering while being exposed to different organizations and a lot of great material from my Dad. A special thanks goes out to Institute of Industrial Engineers, Engineering Without Borders, and Game Development Club for coming as well as my Dad, Brian Roper, for coming and speaking as well. Let me know what you thought about this great event and check out some of the pictures below.

Hour of Code Recap!

Thank you everybody who came down to the Cave during 7-8 pm on Monday to take part in the Hour Of Code! We had a lot of fun experiencing how to code various games and using some different techniques to do so. Whether it be Flappy Bird, Star Wars, or Frozen, there were plenty of options and tutorials to go through. Special shout-out to Jacob for helping out at the event and giving us a Software Engineering Major perspective on everything that actually was going on!

software engineering program

Software Engineering!

Hello everybody! Are you majoring in Software Engineering? Do you need some last minute help on figuring out what to sign up for classes? Come down to the lobby and check out the new bulletin board about Software Engineering!

In addition, tomorrow night from 7-8pm in the Cave is a Software Engineering Program called Hour of Code which is a program that introduces you into coding. Stop on by and learn how to do some pretty neat things!

software engineering

Engineering Major of the Month: Civil Engineering

Attention undecided Engineering majors of UW-Platteville! Check out this great bulletin board on Civil Engineering if that is a field of study that interests you. On this board there is some great information on what civil engineering is, some of the sub-fields of civil engineering, and more! In addition, take a look at the course breakdown by semester so you can graduate in time if this a major that interests you at all. Be on watch for publicity for a program on Civil Engineering called “In Engineering we Truss.”

civil engineering bulletin board