Global Warming: This debate is getting HEATED (ha…ha…)

Hey everyone!

Check out my new bulletin board about Global Warming! There is a lot of good information about what causes global warming how it has been progressing in today’s society. Keep in mind that this is a debated topic today and right now there is a lot of information going both ways. If you would like to chat about this in more depth, come stop by my room!

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Works Week Day 1

On Monday October 12 we had our first day of Morrow Hall Works Week. The event that took place was working with the Reclamation Club down in Memorial Park. The Reclamation Club had planted numerous oak and pine trees and the job we had to do was remove weeds, brush, and other plants that were near these flagged trees so that they had a better chance to survive. On average, approximately 40% of the trees planted will survive but currently that percentage is at 70%. There were about 10 people in attendance and they all can agree with me that it was a great experience helping out the environment and giving back to Memorial Park in its recovery from the disastrous tornado that took place two summers ago.

works week

Volunteering at the Edible Garden

This past Thursday from 6:00-7:00pm myself and two of my residents went to volunteer at the campus Edible Garden located between Royce Hall and McGregor Hall. The Edible Garden was created about two years ago and its purpose was to be an organic garden that members of the Platteville campus could assist with and reap the benefits that it would have. When our wing went we worked on tilling some of the mini-gardens with steel rakes and shovels because they were going to be growing vegetables and plants in the near future. In addition, we assisted in cleaning up some of the weeds from their pumpkin patch that they have as well. It was a great experience to give back to the campus garden and help out the environment.

edible garden 1 edible garden 2